Political To-Do

Convince Americans that the two parties are hopelessly broken and obsolete.

Unify everyone in the political universe who objects to Trump.

Restore the broken connection between the people and their federal representatives.

Create an entirely new political party organized around relevant and forward-looking governmental goals.

Neutralize corrupt actors, including all those who lobby or influence elections with money.

Convince disenchanted voters to support a new third party.

Cultivate a new generation of knowledgeable citizens and public-spirited leaders.

Lure decent moderates back into politics.

Turn off the television.

Cultivate national self-love.

Morning view through a snow-choked screen.


4 responses

  1. Susan, your list is marvelous! This would be better than the Ten Commandments for American governance! As for impeaching the blaggard (dotard), I’m not so sure the circus (the clowns have already arrived) would make anything better. And considering two things: 1- think of who would succeed… Would Pence be an ‘improvement’? A RWNJ [Right Wing Nut Job] who probably knows better how to organize a government and would likely be re-nominated? 2- It would be a year or so before it would run its course and end… somehow. And I agree it’s highly unlikely a RW senate would ‘convict’. And we’d have another year of a further enraged and unstable madman in charge. How would that play out? We might well have a real constitutional crisis.

    As much as it pains me (a moderate Democrat) it may be better let it run its course; let the damn-fool Repubs re-nominate HIM and I CANNOT see DT being re-elected! So throw him out by the electorate and not make him a martyr. Whomever would be the next pres. would have one hell of a mess to clean up and THAT would be a full time job with little time for governance.

    What a pickle we find ourselves in – mainly because the Dems blew all the best chances for winning ’cause they royally screwed up the campaign! Oh yes, they had Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin and my North Carolina in the bag and didn’t need to campaign further there and surely they knew better than the locals and didn’t need their input! Sorry for that rant, it still crawls all over me! But it’s water over the dam now.


    • Allen, thank you for sharing your perspective! Now that the Democrats have a House majority, they may be tempted to devote too much of their time to “getting” Trump. The people are craving a reformed government, dedicated to the common good and to the frank resolution of the nation’s knottiest problems. I think it is very painful for many Democrats to admit that Trump won the election fair and square, regardless of how much mischief the Russians were certainly up to. Trump got the vote out where he needed it, and those voters pulled the lever for him willingly. That is the basic fact that must be reckoned with next time around. Thanks so much for writing in–you are always refreshing to read.


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