American Inquiry is an online magazine devoted to US politics, history, and culture.  Operating for over a decade as an experiment in self-publishing, American Inquiry is becoming a for-profit media enterprise with paid contributors. Readership is growing, with 6,500+ page views in March 2022.

SUMMER 2022: American Inquiry is seeking submissions for the summer on outdoor topics such as the history of cycling, the history of women in sports, the history of resorts, gardening, green issues, parks, agriculture, and leisure.

Articles should be illustrated with a single image from a common-domain source (such as the Library of Congress, the NYPL, or Wikimedia Commons). Articles should be no more than 600 words long.

Writers of articles accepted for publication will be paid at the rate of 25 cents a word.

A video or podcast ranging from 5 to 25 minutes long, if accepted for publication, will earn a flat fee of $75.

If you are interested in contributing to American Inquiry, please use the form below to describe your qualifications and the type of work you envision publishing here. If you wish to submit a completed article for consideration, please copy and paste it (with both text and illustration) into the message box below.

Thank you for your interest in American Inquiry.

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