Susan Barsy, “Why The Republican Party Must Die”

4 Jun 2021

We can’t sit on the sidelines waiting to see what new horror the Republican Party sanctions. We must encourage the formation of a new centrist third party to draw off support from the Republican Party and hasten its demise.

Susan Barsy, “Living Through A Paradigm Shift”

25 May 2021

Everyday life just isn’t the same. It’s one of several signs that Americans are living through a paradigm shift, a comprehensive revolution in the way we live and what we value.

Susan Barsy, “Intensive Living”

7 May 2021

As the pandemic wanes, a desire for “intensive living” may shape American decisions about where to live, where to work, and how to get around.

Audio: Susan Barsy, “It’s Lent,” 6 Mar 2019  (6 min, 52 sec)

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Audio: Susan Barsy, “Dislodging the President,” 22 Jan 2018  (8 min, 58 sec)

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Audio: Susan Barsy, “A Noteworthy Day in Politics”  12 Jan 2018  (7 min, 55 sec)

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