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  1. Susan – glad that I read “why” and learned of your background. I’m excited to have some new, thoughtful, thought-provoking political reading. Thank you for your blog!

    • Michele–I re-read this essay myself sometimes to remind myself why I’m blogging. I mean, why comment on politics when there are so many professionals out there doing it already? But I think this is the challenge for the lowly citizen: how to get involved in a system that is now so technologically mediated and much less embedded in true social relationships than it used to be. So here we are, blogging! Thanks so much for reading, and for writing something here in return. I liked your post on changing parties very much. Susan

  2. This is vital – for one to chose and develop one’s own venue for expression. Please do not fool yourself into thinking that the opinion of “professionals” has any more finesse or grasp of the complexities for the subjects about which you write; they likely just have better network of contacts or a cousin or a lover or a college chum whose stepdad, mum, or uncle Charlie’s golf buddy has a great job at a network or newspaper.