Gallery: The Passing Year

A few photographs to go with the essay.

3 responses

  1. The photos are really very thought provoking and fun to look at !! They do indeed give one a sense of time moving on. A nice edition to your “end of year” essay.

  2. Looking at the pictures again–for about the fourth time–I do really like them very much. Did you want to emote a “certain feeling” in their order-or did you just “toss” them together hodge-podge? In any case-once again, well done!

    • The pictures are in chronological order, and so in geographical order too. The first picture in the gallery is the easternmost one, and each one after it is further west, until (after 50 hours) we reached our destination in CA.

      One of the nice things about the train is that so often you don’t know exactly where you are. One of my favorite things was passing through a quiet ravine where Eisenhower liked to fish. It can only be reached on foot or by train not by car.