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  1. Facts? Who neeeds facts? Romney’s campaign manager said they would not have their campaign run by fact-checkers. Basically, Romney is an empty suit and will say anything: he actually said the economy is getting better the other day. One day he is pro-choice, then he isn’t; he opposes Obama’s health care law but says (now) he would keep parts of it. . . .He is a liar, and Ryan is worse and more dangerous: he seems to actually believe what he says, and he’s smart. . . .Obama’s speakers were great: Warren, Michelle, Clinton, and the president himself. . . . Are we better off today? Any sane person would say yes. . . .when he took office we were losing over 700,000 jobs per month. Obama will win the election. . . .

  2. To me, the Dem convention had more energy and bounce, too. Many of the delegates were wearing colorful outfits and hats—the signs were numerous and large. And, yes, the Dem speakers were great! I liked all the “major” speakers very much, but my favorite talk was from Big Bill Clinton. He is now in a class of his own—Obama’s speech was good, but, wow, to me it was very serious. . . . Anyway, great images from the convention—thanks for posting them.

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