William Russell Birch, A view of the Capitol at Washington (c 1800), courtesy of the Library of Congress

I haven’t been posting on politics lately.  In January, I resolved to revise a book I’ve written about 19th-century Washington, which a publisher has told me can be published.

Still, I hope to keep my site from going dormant entirely.  My original wish in starting this blog was to analyze politics, something I continually long to do.  With any luck, I will be able to manage the occasional post.

In the meantime, accept my thanks for your continuing interest.  If you don’t already subscribe, you may wish to do so using the form at right.  It’s a safe and convenient way to keep up with any new posts.  Plus it keeps up my morale!

Thank you,

William Russell Birch, “A view of the Capitol of Washington before it was burnt down by the British” (c 1800), from this source.

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  1. I hope that all will go well!! When you get your book published, I’ll be sure to get a copy ASAP. I sooo very much enjoy reading your posts !! Good luck on your endevour !!