Earthly glory

There’s nothing like the Michigan dunes on a fine June day.

Dune crest, © 2014 Susan Barsy
The fine sand mountains, so pure and simple, are undeniably grand.

No way but up, © 2014 Susan Barsy
Every step brings a change in the blue-and-green view.

Dune upon dune, © 2014 Susan Barsy
The experience is simple but ancient and glorious.  Every walker is a child and a primitive, too.

Whorls, © 2014 Susan BarsySand seems so solid when heaped hundreds of feet high!  The Lake that created all dazzles on a benignant day.

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7 responses

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  2. Oh my gosh——those are such beautiful pictures!!!!!! You’re very lucky to be able to visit such a majestic place. You’ve managed to capture the extreme steepness of those dunes.

    • Thanks, JG! Any visit to the dunes is a memorable one.

      The dunes only get bigger the further north one goes–we once visited Sleeping Bear park up near Traverse City MI where I think the dunes are 400 feet high!

  3. Great stuff. Love the dunes. Such a shame you can only truly enjoy them for a few months out of the year. I love just jumping in the lake so going there when it’s cold out would be torture. Thanks for sharing the photos!

    • Now is the time to go. The water cools but is not chilly. We were there yesterday and the beach was busy. The Michigan shore is a romantic place to be when the sun goes down.
      Thank you for writing in. And good luck with your blog!