Seattle’s Arboretum

 The undulating path through the center of the Arboretum blooms with cherry blossoms, crabapples, and magnolias in March.
While in Seattle, my husband and I visited the arboretum, which is easy to get to by cab from downtown.  At this time of year, it’s the place to visit—far better than any market or museum.

A tableau of spring blooms against mature evergreens and fresh grass.
It was raining lightly, which only freshened the colors of the new grass and the flowering trees.  The main path through the Arboretum is called Azalea Way, but March is too early for the rhododendrons and azaleas that will later put on a spectacular show.  I went hoping to see some of the earlier flowering trees: cherry trees, magnolias, perhaps.  The park was a quiet riot of the beauties of spring.  The Azalea Way was flanked with elegant old blooming trees.

The path is flanked with elegant old blooming trees.
The Arboretum dates from the early 1930s. The Olmsted Brothers designed the surrounding park and boulevard.  The University of Washington and the City of Seattle manage the arboretum, with the Arboretum Foundation providing additional initiative and private funds.

Spindly-armed trees limned with bright moss.
I liked these spindly-armed trees covered with moss.  Could they pick up bad children and give them a toss?

The garden is organized around a central pool.
Having reached the end of Azalea Way, we paid a special admission to see the Arboretum’s Japanese Garden.  The mossy grounds, the beautifully pruned specimen trees, the raindrops falling on the koi pond gave us much to admire on a wet spring day.

5 responses

  1. Love the UW Arboretum. Lovely photos. I was there once when the azaleas were in bloom and it was spectacular. But it’s well worth a visit in any season, as your photos show.

    • Since I couldn’t get to DC this spring for the cherry blossoms, the Arboretum was the next best thing. It had an out-of-the-way charm that was special in itself.

  2. Wow ! Really great photos; the colors and blooms looking spectacular. I like the name of the trail you took. I don’t think I have ever been there.