Inaugurating the Glorious Fourth (Courtesy of the Library of Congress)

“Inaugurating the Glorious Fourth,” C. S. Reinhart after a sketch by H. N . Cady” (July 1878).

Boys loading and firing pistols, blowing horns, and setting off firecrackers on the Fourth of July.

Image from this source.

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  1. It IS a realistic drawing! While the 4th of July is still a somewhat dangerous holiday, I think it is far safer than it used to be. As a boy, my paternal grandfather lost 3 fingers while playing with a stick of dynamite on July 4 (this would have been around 1898). He got through life just fine with 7 fingers, but still!

    • Thanks, KW–your anecdote really puts our ‘rowdiness’ in perspective! Yikes–with medical care being so much less advanced that is it now, that injury must have been thoroughly terrifying.
      Good to hear from you,