GOP Options

Trump smiling (modified screen-shot), © 2016 Susan Barsy trump-smiling

1. Weaken your party by openly declaring you’ll never vote for Trump.

2. Go to the nominating convention hoping to sabotage Trump by backing one of the candidates he already trounced.

3. Treat Trump so badly that he leaves the party.

4. Follow the directives of a now-desperate GOP ‘leadership’ whose ‘vision’ has made the party the hot mess that it is.

5. Follow your minority faction out of the party, and watch Hillary win.

6. Try to start a new third party after creating laws that favor the existing parties.

7. Do nothing and stay Republican, hoping that Donald Trump will change or won’t be so bad.

8. Openly support Trump and become part of the new Republican order.  Maybe you’ll become a Supreme Court justice or a cabinet member.

9. Vote for Hillary.

10. Secretly vote for Trump, like many of your friends.

Allan Smith, Polls show Donald Trump leading everywhere during a critical 2-week stretch
(Business Insider)

2 responses

  1. Yes, the GOP is in a real mess, imploding more and more as each primary is held and Trump continues to win. . . . I read about that “secret meeting” noted in the sidebar and–wow–it was attended by huge money folks and the very, very upper echelons of the GOP. I think one way–and maybe the only way–to stop him is to spend a HUGE–unprecedented–amount of money on extremely dark anti-Trumps ads. I’m talking a major, major barrage.

    • If the other Republican candidates were addressing the taboo issues (like bad trade deals) that Trump does, they would find themselves doing better at the polls. The reason both Sanders and Trump are doing so well is their lack of tolerance for the status quo. The people don’t want to hear the media and politicians telling them things aren’t so bad. Most of us know our society and economy is not what it was in the 1980s and 90s. This is why voters are turning to the more radical ‘messengers.’
      Going negative on Trump in a ‘gotcha’ way isn’t going to work. Voters are just going to resent that–look what happens when Hillary tries to go negative on Bernie. It backfires. Rubio knows this, too, by now.