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  1. OH man, OH gosh, I remain so very bummed out since the idiot was inaugurated. I suppose my only solace is thinking that he could get impeached. Today, February 15th, a lot of news has come out about how many folks in his administration had/continue to have contact with Russian intelligence agents. To me, that is tantamount to treason.

    • I sympathize with your feelings. The challenge to every unhappy American lies in discovering means (while out of power) to move the US in the direction each thinks the country should be going in. There is a complex of social goods the nation should be pursuing–to my mind concentrating on those is of paramount importance. I appreciate those in power who are speaking out against Trump–including John McCain and Lindsay Graham–because ultimately curbing the president will depend on the determination of people across the political spectrum. The Democratic party is in too weak a position to accomplish much without combining with Republicans when they can.
      I know this is unpalatable but from a political point of view it’s true.