Truman Capote

Several beautiful portraits by Carl Van Vechten, who photographed many of the 20th century’s most illustrious intellectuals and artists, have recently shown up on the Library of Congress’s Flickr feed.  Among them is this particularly surreal composition, featuring a young Truman Capote, photographed against a dreamlike marbled background with puppets.  At just 24 years of age, Capote was already attaining the status of a celebrity with the publication of his first book, Other Voices, Other Rooms.

Image: from this source

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  1. Gee, what a great find! The photographer had a great eye; that’s a really good photo portrait of Capote. Most interesting background setting. As I look at it, in my mind’s eye I see other pictures taken of Capote and sure enough, that’s him. Even though he’s 24, he looks very young. I’m going to google that book title and learn what it was about.

    • You might enjoy reading this biographical sketch of Capote from the Encyclopedia of Alabama. It is a colorful concise description of his origins, upbringing, and career. I didn’t realize that after a rocky Southern childhood, Capote was educated in private schools after his mother took up with a wealthy Cuban businessman (who gave Truman his last name).
      I have written something about Van Vechten’s photographs before. He is known for his photographs of stars of the Harlem Renaissance and many other mid-20th century celebrities. A great artist.

      See Faces of the Thirties.