American Inquiry offers an independent meta-analysis of American politics, exploring how the nation’s political traditions relate to the political discourse and realities of the day.  Artifacts and old photographs furnish excuses for posts on subjects as diverse as Ferris wheels, ice-skating, inaugurations, corruption, and ladies’ clothing.  In its early years, this site appeared under the title Our Polity.

A unique web of loyalties and associations defines our political identity while binding us together, sometimes uncomfortably.  Emotional bonds—what Lincoln called “the mystic chords of memory”—sustain our attachment to the nation and its politics, when otherwise we might succumb to cynicism or dislike.  American Inquiry features posts on travel, the arts, music, and the countryside in the hope of refreshing and strengthening these essential bonds.

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Thank you, and enjoy.
Susan Barsy

Augustus Post in costume for Omar the Shoemaker.


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