All Ready for the Six-Day Grind

Showing the interior of the Garden just before the race was set to begin.
December 6, 1908.  It’s Sunday night, and everyone inside the Garden is in a state of suspense, waiting for the six-day race to begin.  Continue reading

The Once and Future Cyclist

The cyclists in their sports gear, look startlingly modern.

The French cyclists pose for the camera like something out of Gentlemen’s Quarterly.  They exude a cool nonchalance befitting their international fame and unbounded commitment to athleticism. Continue reading

The Bicycle Starts a Revolution

A couple dressed in cycling clothes congratulates themselves for leaving the cumbersome fashions of the nineteenth century behind.
THE BICYCLE possessed some kind of magic, its mute presence transforming American society.  Originally known as a velocipede, the bicycle had been around since the early nineteenth century, but only after 1890 did the contraption become safer and gain popularity throughout the States as something associated with freedom and pleasure. Continue reading