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  1. Susan, I will develop a motorized lever that will pull down the voting booth arm for you, so you can
    be completely set free. (eee gads girl, where do you vote, anyhow?) William Komaiko

  2. I think the tone of your article was pretty pessimistic~~~too much so. I am a voter like you but kind of enjoy all the political hoopla that is thrown at me via the differing types of media out there. It makes me feel “important” which indeed every vote is.

    • Frankly, Sam, I too feel the petulance running through this article, but perhaps that was what made it worth publishing. It truthfully captured an aspect of my attitude toward politics, and it connected that attitude to a certain set of facts about how campaigns are conducted, and to the types of relationships that are likely to exist between a voter and her or his representative in a society like ours.

      Sometimes I don’t like how I appear on the page, but if what’s there is true, it’s like a catalytic event that prompts me to improve.

  3. Susan, I have not had time to read this, but I love your use of the Bingham paintings. An artist dear to my heart.

    • Kitty–Thanks for writing in. The Bingham paintings are beautiful, rowdy, unsentimental things–it struck me anew, looking at them, how dark they are. I guess he knew from life, being that rare thing, the painter-politician. SB