Impeach Trump, an Enemy of the Constitution

Dear Friends,

Impeaching President Trump is a patriotic necessity, one that every American regardless of party should support.  As Trump’s behavior becomes ever more brazen and erratic, every American needs to voice support for the impeachment process per se and do everything possible to encourage Republican lawmakers to help remove Trump from office quickly.  I say this without having any axe to grind against the President or the GOP.  Unless the political class unites around the goal of removing him from office, our nation will have no future and the GOP itself will wither and die.

It’s clear from the papers that President Trump sought to force the Ukrainian government to come up with political dirt that would harm a political opponent while helping his own election chances.  Some people, like Senator Rob Portman, have temporized, saying that the president’s action was unwise but not impeachable.  Portman is wrong because if the President’s behavior is allowed, our entire election system will become a farce.  It will become a farce simply by allowing the President to continue on this way throughout the 2020 presidential campaign.  Where does his conduct leave every other candidate, Democrat or Republican, who runs for office but plays by the rules?  His lawless behavior is an affront to everyone else who has legitimately won an elective post.  Publicly inviting foreign governments to meddle in our affairs, as Trump has done, demonstrates a resolve to defy–rather than defend–our written and living Constitution.

Personally, I am outraged at the development of a corrupt set of transnational relations that a sitting president is hoping will lessen lighten his dependence on American voters.  The president bets that he can hold on to power by conjuring up a climate of public opinion that degrades every other public figure and undermines confidence in our once-efficacious and illustrious political system.  The damage that he is inflicting on his own party, on the nation, and on blameless public servants is mounting daily.  If the American public cries out loudly for impeachment, Republicans will listen.

No one but former Senator Jeff Flake has the guts to admit how many enemies Trump has within his own party.  (The Arizona Republican, speaking to USA Today last month, estimated that 35 GOP senators would vote to remove Trump if the vote were private.)  Think of all the honorable people Trump has dismissed and humiliated, the Tillersons and McMasters of the world.  Where are they now?  If I were Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, or even Marco Rubio, I’d be working furiously behind the scenes to dump Donald Trump and expel him from the Republican Party.  If the Senate GOP hangs with Trump, the senators will go down in history as the group that destroyed our nation through inactivity.  If, though, they turn against Trump, the GOP will save the nation from a very bad man, and its prospects will miraculously brighten again.

I am not a firebrand.  Frankly, I wish this whole terrifying mess Trump is causing would go away.  But he really is turning into a political Lucifer, destroying the “natural order” of the government and aspiring to a kind of power at odds with what the Constitution envisioned.  This morning the Times reports his decision to spurn cooperation with the House impeachment inquiry, branding it “illegitimate” and “partisan,” whereas if he has done nothing wrong one would think he would be eager to clear his name.  Congress definitely has the right to gather information prior to charging Trump with articles of impeachment, and no amount of bluster will take that right away.

Again, I entreat every patriot to get behind impeachment as loudly as possible and to urge the House and Senate to see it through.  I’ve read that an anti-impeachment rally will be held in the capital on October 17th.  Perhaps massive pro-impeachment rallies are the way to go.


George Will, “The Spiraling President Adds Self-Impeachment To His Repertory” (10 Oct 2019)

8 responses

    • Many of us want to believe in the goodness of our government, so I think it can be wrenching to wake up to the truth that the president is “going bad.” With the Ukrainian disclosures, it’s evident.

      Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds is more tragic evidence of his vicious, self-aggrandizing tendencies. This is exactly the sort of president the founders worried about when they endowed the office with so much power and prestige.


  1. Susan, I am always happy to read your letters. But as usual I must disagree. I feel those in government with a clean unconscious support our president because he is draining those who do not. I only wish a person with Donald Trump’s honesty and integrity would be elected to the governorship of my state.


    • Dave, I can’t think of a single thing the President has done to diminish government corruption, can you? I would love to believe that the US had a reformer in the White House, but it isn’t so. Instead, evidence is mounting that the President has a personal agenda at odds with his sworn fidelity to the Constitution.

      Congress has taken many disciplinary actions against its own members over the years. Both Republicans and Democrats have been removed from office (in both House and Senate) for wrong-doing. We might want the rules of politics to be different, but I think Congress has done a fair job of policing the political class and removing bad apples (including many hailing from my own state of Illinois, from Aaron Schock to Dan Rostenkowski).

      Impeachment isn’t something any of us, or any party, should take personally. President Trump and his administration should comply with the process and have faith that if he has done nothing wrong, his name will be cleared when the process reaches the Republican-controlled Senate.


  2. Yes, if Trump can engage and ask for foreign help, what is to stop others running for Congress or the Senate? Gee, then think, the White House and the above-mentioned would all be beholden to foreign leaders. T.Rump enjoys seeking friendships with other psychotic leaders–like Putin, Erdogan, and Kim from North Korea–while ditching and ridiculing our traditional, old-time friends.


    • George Will made a similar point in an editorial published today. If Congress’s power to investigate the president is “illegitimate” as Trump claims, then every subsequent president can violate the Constitution with impunity.

      Read it here.


  3. Farmer Dave, how do you feel about Trump betraying the Kurds and then saying “they didn’t help us at Normandy”? . . . Those Kurds fought beside American soldiers for years helping us defeat ISIS…..Is Trump’s betrayal an act of honesty and integrity?


  4. Susan, I believe he is doing very well. President Trump is deeply involved in the slow process of undoing several decades or more of government overgrowth and overreach. WOTUS overturned, EPA budget down 31%.

    I enjoy that he calls the major news media for what they have become. He is not exposing them; he is vocalizing what any intelligent person has known after listening to the news for many years.

    I read the transcript of his conversation with the Ukrainian President. He did nothing wrong in that call. There were no Soprano type innuendos.

    If Congress follows correct process I have no doubt the President will co-operate. Just because a few radical congressional millionaires are very vocal is not reason to play their game. What President Trump may be doing is akin to saying “put up or shut up”. His actions in this have violated no rules. He knows a bluff and how to deal with it.

    US politics has become more like a soap opera than groups of public servants protecting our interests. I voted for Donald Trump in hopes he would support me and my posterity. He has through his actions become my greatest supporter. If the chance to do so occurs I will ask him to do a second term.

    Best wishes, David


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