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  1. What you write is very true. I took a (virtual) Biden caller-training session. It was well taught and well-presented; problem was, it was way, way too technical. One had to hook up a phone to a computer, then navigate through several different “windows and tabs” and coordinate all calls with some “central calling area” somewhere. I listened, took notes, then (after 75 minutes) left the session-it was all too complex and “controlling.”

    Instead, I opened up the local phonebook and just began to make calls. So far I’ve made around 300 or so, maybe 350. In my private sampling (in the state of Michigan), Biden is running a good ratio of 2.5-to-one vs. orange head. . . . Smaller groups for Biden, both my sisters are involved in them.

    These smaller groups and the Biden national campaign have to redouble and redouble their efforts again. After watching the presidential debates last night, orange head came off as a REAL WHACKO (which he is)! I mean, that man is a true nut-job: a mean, dirty, constantly lying, cesspool of total ill.

    • Many articles are coming out now about the superior effectiveness of personal campaigning. We’re taught that it’s impolite to talk about politics on many occasions–an idea that probably accounts for the mess that we’re in!

    • I don’t enjoy volunteering if it’s too bureaucratic or regimented. I like to chat with people and bring in my own views, not follow a script. It means more to the other person, too, if one is speaking from the heart. Reducing voters to metrics is wrong–this is why opinion polling is a bane. It’s as pernicious as 24-hour news.

      Rock on!